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How To Make your Slow BlackBerry Browse Faster by elija_god

Abba Elijah aka elija_god

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Reset Bio Password By elija_god

How To Reset Bio Pass By elija_god

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Successful affiliate marketing requires patience

Successful affiliate marketing requires patience

If you are sure that your web site can get a lot of traffic and generate fantastic sales for a certain company, you have to contact them to negotiate a tailored arrangement. If they aren't too enthusiastic to begin with, be patient because companies are approached every day by affiliates wanting to cut a "better deal".

The reality of it is that many affiliates cannot deliver what they promise, and the companies are extremely aware of this. For you as a potential affiliate marketer, you need to implement their links and banners, go the extra mile with ad articles and other unique strategies, generate some sales and then approach them again better prepared. You'll probably find that they'll have a change of heart. Finding good affiliates is very difficult and if you are performing for these companies they will keep you.

Most forms of advertising take some time to kick into gear. Putting a link up for a couple of days and then pulling it down because it is not generating any interest may not be a reflection on the product, but just in the way that it is being presented to your web site visitors. You know how fickle they can be.

If you have run successful campaigns before, try to remember the elements that made it a success and implement them again. Of course, you need to remember that what works for one product may not necessarily for another, but it's worth a try. Again, if you are having problems with promotion, contact the company. They will more than likely have thousands of affiliates and will know what strategies are working. A good advertiser may even go to the trouble of reviewing your site and provide you with some tips and hints based on their observations.

Friday, June 3, 2011

How To Find Stolen Phones by elija_god

How To Track Down A Stolen I-Phone

                                                 Recovering Stolen Phone And Laptop

Hot To Find Your Lost Phone

Track Your Lost Or Stolen Black Berry
Blackberry Mobile Anti Theft Recovery Software

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Revive A Dead Laptop Battery
Laptop  Battery Repair?Rebuild:Lithium ion Cell 18650

Inside The Dell XPS M1730 Laptop Battery
Dead Or Dying Laptop Battery Hack

Dead Or Dying Laptop Battery Hack

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Charge Your Phone With Paper

Charge Battery With Hot Water